Port Zante Marina – St. Kitts

Truckey, Charles, Trond and Are

We arrived Port Zante Marina on St. Kitts after a couple of days laying on anchor outside the island of Statia. We have not yet docked Namaste for a longer period due to high prices around the Virgin Islands. At Port Zante we could stay docked for a longer period to an very affordable price.

Port Zante offered a lot of facilities:
– Water
– Electricity – Both 120V and 220V
– Clean and nice toilets and showers
– Port security
– Wifi

The showers were well appreciated since it had been a month since we had a proper shower.
The «dockmastah» «Truckey» and his assistent Charles greeted us at the marina. They’ve been very helpful and friendly during our entire stay.
We’ve had a lot of work to do on Namaste so it was nice to be docked and also have the opportunity to have access to water. We had to clean out our diesel tanks because algea had developed in it. We also had to patch up our dinghy wich was leak.
Our docking spot looked like a workshop for a couple of days, but we tried to have some order when the chartertourists came and left. I bet Charles are happy for that, as he seemed a bit stressed when his dock looked like a shipyard.
Since we’ve been here for a while now we have been so priviliged to get to know the guys around the Marina. Everybody tries to help each other the best way they can.

Port Zante have helped Namaste and her crew with following:

– Disposal of 130 litres of bad diesel
– Ice after finished chartertours.
– «Truckey» told us how to make «horny soup» of the remains of a fileted mahi-mahi.
– Charles took us out to taste local food, which was very well appreciated.
– «Chocolate» provided cold caribs from his charter cat.
– «Truckey» also learned us that «u have to rush slowly» and «Prepare for the worst and wish for the best».
– We also bought mahi-mahi from fisher «TriniMike» for a good price. Mahi-mahi is problably the best fish I’ve ever tasted on a barbeque.
– A lot of other things…..

We will recommend Port Zante Marina for sailors going down islands. It has been a fantastic experience for us.


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  1. Ænhelsk assa ? Google translate next …
    Fikk lyst på fisk alà mahi mahi nå. Kos dere masse videre. Misunnelsen er til å ta og føle på her hjemme, alle vi landkrabber snakker om dere konstant….


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